Instant Site Maker

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Instant Site Maker.With this free product, now you don't need to spend a fortune on MS FrontPage and Dreamweaver to build a website if all you want to do is set up simple web pages from which to sell your digital products.

After all, these packages cost at least $159 (Dreamweaver is $359), contain massive amounts of drop down menus, checkboxes and very complicated command structures.

I continue to be stunned that regular folk will spend the hundreds of hours trying to learn these expensive programs and STILL ultimately not get the result they want because the packages are too complicated.

This is a short list of what Instant Site Maker can do for you:

* You don't have to learn HTML - You can produce web pages fast and save huge amounts of time.
* It's point and click easy - If you can use a mouse, you can build stunning web pages quickly. Simply fill in the blanks, check a few radio buttons and you're finished!
* Supports Clickbank and PayPal electronic commerce - Integrated hooks to these popular ecommerce systems allows you to start and grow your business or personal web site.
* Supports digital downloads - Instant Site Maker allows you to upload and sell ebooks, audio files, infoproducts, special reports, software or any other type of digital file you may wish to offer.
* Full support for Search Engine Optimization Functions - Instant Site Maker supports all key requirements to gain high search engine rankings, helping to drive lots of targeted visitors to your site.
* Integrated with Microsoft Word - If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use Instant Site Maker's copy/paste functions to retain 100% of MS Word document formatting. This feature alone could save dozens of hours in learning curves and formatting alone!
* Supports Graphic Images - Give your web site a professional look with masthead graphics, box cover art or logos (graphics creator not included).
* Create key ecommerce pages - Instant Site Maker creates your Sales page, Thank You page and Download link page, saving hours of learning and frustration you would experience with Frontpage or Dreamweaver.

Oh, and don't worry if you don't have MS Word. I've created over a dozen main formatting features that are included in the package for those who don't use Word.

Instant Site Maker is "fill in the forms" easy via its single screen user interface. There are no complicated menus, commands or terminology to have to learn.

Instant Site Maker uses a very simple 6 step process:

* Fill in your digital download details
* Fill in your search engine optimization details
* Choose your images
* Copy and paste your body copy from MS Word (or type it directly into Instant Site Maker)
* Copy and paste your testimonials (if applicable)
* Click a button, copy the generated html code and save it to a file and you are finished!