Hazard Shield 1.6

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Hazard Shield is an incredibly fast antimalware program. Hazard Shield can scan and remove threats many vendors can´t even touch. With just the click of two buttons you can scan for threats and remove them. Hazard Shield has a friendly interface that anyone can easily use, so you won´t waste any time finding out how to use the program.

Hazard Shield also comes with some useful intergrated tools. The most popular is the file killer. Hazard Shield´s file killer can remove virtually any file on your system. Its very useful for removing locked or in-use files. Several other tools include an uninstall manager, a process manager and a scheduled task manager.

Want more? Hazard Shield also comes with Realtime protection!

Hazard Shield´s Realtime moniter can protect your computer by removing threats before they can do damage. Hazard Shield´s Realtime moniter is free and uses very little system resources.


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