Software TransTool 6.1

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Transtool is a translator program which can translate bahasa Indonesia to English or English to Bahasa Indonesia.

Although the result is not final, we must review, recheck the translation result to get it clear, this program is very powerful.

Here is a Translation Software That is Helping People to Translate Indonesia-English and English-Indonesia

Translating between language could be pain in the ass. But with some help from transtool translation software, this could be done easily.

Although the translation result is not final (means we must review the result to make it better), transtool can give us speed in result, especially when compared to google translate which required internet connections.

Good application and very assist. Translate the word and sentence of Indonesian to English and or on the contrary. Transtool now attend with newest version TransTool 6.1, it is of course have ever been better in translating with because have improve and complete from it version before all.


RAM 32 MB minimum, Hard Disk 250MB, Mouse, CD/DVD Room Drive.
Windows 9x, ME, XP, NT 2000