Internet Speed-Up, Bandwidth Saver & Offline Proxy

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When we browse internet, browser will load data from internet. When the data arrives, it will be saved in cache.

When we browse again, browser will check if the data is already in cache. If the data has already in cache, it will be loaded from cache. If the data has not already in cache or it need to update, browser will load data from internet.

By "Internet cache", our speed browsing is increase. But internet cache commonly only can be functioning if internet is connected, as the result rare of people can browse internet while offline.

By “Internet cache”, we can save internet cost, because we must not download data that most needed.

Finally, I found this tool so internet can be browsed while offline without show significant difference when internet is connected. Beside that, this tool can block site/host that contain trojan downloader or virus, can block content that forbiden, and hit cache ratio is quite good.

This tool works like "Toonel", compress file loaded from internet that needed by browser, but add some feature :

1. Have cache for fast browsing.
2. Can block trojan downloader or executable content that can be dangerous like a virus.
3. Can block unwanted site like advertiser or other.
4. Can block pornography content by add word at Content filter.
5. Can save your money from bandwidth that saved by compression and cache.