Cream 0.40 (with Vim)

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Cream is a completely free text editor, who comes to function as a modern and updated configuration of powerful and popular Vim.For those who do not know, Vim is a powerful publisher and direct descendant of the legendary Vi, the year 1976.

What was the main problem with the text editor Vim?Well, that his learning curve frightened even the most painted.Of course, Vim was not meant to be user-friendly, too much power and flexibility in an interface difficult to digest.For this comes just Cream: grabs all the virtues of Vim editor, and gives you the inside of an accessible and familiar interface.Whether you're typing an email as if you're developing large applications and writing code, Cream will save you an enormous amount of time and effort.You seem incredible, but everything you do faster.

Cream is a text editor completely free and does not have a lot of disk space meaningful: has little less than one megabyte in size.Undoubtedly, a discharge that is worth a lot of punishment.This is a summary of the basic features and fundamental Cream:

Edit documents with Microsoft formats, Unix and Apple.
Supports editing large files, the only limit is the disk space.
Support for encoding text in 38 varieties code, 8-bit, 2 bytes, Unicode, etc..
Interface documents organized by tabs, with the most user-friendly.
You can open multiple documents simultaneously.
Power point selected by the user, a multitude of options and settings that are recalled and restored automatically at each meeting.
Each edited file retains its last display mode.
Keyboard shortcuts simple and intuitive to perform the most common operations.
Menus standard, very familiar to anyone.
Syntax highlighting with support for more than 350 programming languages (yes, you read well: 350).
Line status that gives us basic information at all times.
Bar tool that can enable or disable us as appropriate.
Opera unlimited undo and redo.
Prints lines of text you have selected at any given time.
Hides shows or invisible characters.
Mode cascade to view multiple documents, both horizontally and vertically.
List of recently opened files.
You can set the action in Creamdel middle mouse button.
Account words in the document.
Search and replace characters and texts, with the use of regular expressions.
Administration favourites (bookmarks), up 26 per file.
Spell checking with support for multiple languages.
And a multitude of options.

File size: 6 MB