Y'z Shadow

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Y'z Shadow is an enhancement software which adds a shadow effect to Windows in pursuit of the beauty of a shadow. It also allows the user the option of making menus transparent.

Main Features :

- Attaches a drop shadow to the windows.
- Makes it possible to select one type of shadow effect in the active window and a different one in the inactive window.
- The user can choose to have transparent menus. There is also the option of selecting the degree of transparency in the menus.
- Add a drop shadow to the menus.
- Add a drop shadow to the taskbar.
- The width, depth, etc. of the drop shadows can all be set to your liking in the settings dialog.
- It works correctly with either WindowsXP styles or classic style.
- The user can specify application windows that you wish to exclude from having the drop shadow effect.
- The user can choose a setting that will automatically adjust your windows so they do not overlap or interfere with the taskbar.
- Available in different languages.


- Windows XP Professional or Home Edition
- Please use 16 bits of screen color depth or higher.