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Evrox - Speed up Internet throughput. Evrox can make your Internet go up to 2 times faster!

Most other programs simply use universal optimization settings and hope that it works with your connection - not Evrox! Evrox will test different settings and extrapolate that data to create a connection setting designed just for your computer! This is all thanks to the amazing 15 step Smart-Evrox technology. In 15 steps, Evrox will individually test different connection settings and select the best combination!

Evrox is 100% safe! It keeps a clear record of changes made to your connections settings, and you can revert to your original settings at any time.

Evrox tests your Internet speed and tells you the results, so you know how your Internet has changed.

Evrox works with dial-up Internet, LANs, cable modems, DSL, T1 and T3 lines, and more!

File Size: 1.3Mb