Windows Macro Recorder

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Freelabs Macro Recorder - it's a tool that helps you to automate your computer repetitive tasks by creating timesaving macros that will work with any Windows program.

Freelabs Macro Recorder's features include:

* Record all mouse and keystrokes events of any windows application
* Play back recorded macro.
* Save recorded macro to disk
* Load a macro from disk
* Light indicator when recording process is running
* Hide window to tray
* Repeat option
* Command line options

Standard Functionality

Windows Macro Recorder is a simple windows events recorder that can be used with repetitive tasks. It can be use to insert text, lunch programs, control your mouse, insert symbols, dates, or time, execute repeating operations.

Windows Macro Recorder supports command line parameters:

* MacroRecorder.exe [Macro file path] [1/0]
* [Macro file path] is the path of the macro file
* [1/0] 1 or 0 for using auto repeat function
* Example: MacroRecorder.exe C:\test.mcr 1 -start macro recorder with test.mcr and auto-repeat function

To stop macro recorder just press Ctrl+Esc at any time