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Mixcraft 5 allows you to record and mix like the best producers and DJs at just a fraction of the price. Remix songs, score your videos, record your band, create MIDI compositions or make your own backing tracks or songs with our built in sound library and virtual instruments. Focus on your creativity and not on technical details.

Cut, paste, edit and shape your sounds the way you want! Use built in effects like reverb, flanger or EQ or install a variety of DirectX or VST effects to add tremelo, distortion, chorus or even remove the vocals from a song! This flexible software can be used in many ways, from recording your first solo album, remixing a song mash-up, pod-casting, editing commercials and video scoring! You can even export your mix to MP3, WMA, OGG or WAV, or simply burn it on a CD.

File size: 10 Mb