Audio Ripper

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Free Audio Ripper is for converting your audio-CDs collection. This tool is for ripping & grabbing audio files from CDs to your hard drive in any of the following formats WAV PCM, MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis files. Fast direct conversion with error correction, multiple data rates combined with audio tag editing, audio player (Winamp Style) with play list editor and a handy interface gives you this must have tool.

Note: The ripping speed will depend on the audio format and the output quality that was selected. The lower the quality the faster the ripping and vice versa.

Note: You may need ASPI Drivers for your system for the ripper to work correctly. Please download and install from our download section.


Friendly interface allows performing the following operations:

* Rip directly to different types of audio files formats.
* Audio Player (WIN AMP Style) With Playlist editor.
* Easy to use (just one click of a mouse).
* Rip multiple audio tracks at once (Batch ripping).
* ID3 V1 & V2 Tag Editor.
* Rips audio files form CDs.
* Supports direct ripping to the selected output audio format with no middle step.
* Supports slow and fast ripping.
* Supports jitter correction.
* Registered users get free upgrades for one year.
* Fully compatible with Windows 95/98/ME NT4/2000/XP and Windows Vista.