GlassCalc 1.23

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GlassCalc is a calculator for Windows that, unlike many other calculator programs, doesn't use buttons. Instead, it has a single textbox where you can type an equation or mathematical expression, hit Enter, and get a result. This is often much faster than the hunt-and-peck method of clicking buttons. The lack of buttons also leaves plenty of room for a full history of past equations (calculator tape), a reference listing of all available functions, and a list of user-defined variables and functions.

The name, "GlassCalc", comes from my total lack of inspiration, the extra bit of Aero glass, and a Google search page that didn't show any results for "GlassCalc" that were software calculators. I started making GlassCalc when I discovered that the Microsoft PowerToy Calculator didn't work properly in Windows Vista/7 without administrative privileges. I wanted a calculator that I could quickly type equations into without getting a UAC prompt every time I started it.

System Requirements

In theory, all you need is a Windows machine with the .NET Framework 4.0. If you don't already have the .NET Framework installed, the regular installer will install it for you. (The upgrade installer will send you to a web page where you can download it yourself) I have only tested this on a Windows 7 and an XP machine, but it should work on Vista, and it might work on earlier versions of Windows.

If a previous version of GlassCalc worked on your computer, click the "Upgrade" link below. The regular installer includes the Visual C++ 2005 libraries and .NET Framework web installer, which you don't need to download again if they are already installed. If GlassCalc won't run, please fill out a bug report with the link at the bottom and I will do my best to fix the problem. Thanks!

File size: 4.6 MB (freeware)
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7