YouTube Video File Grabber

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YouTube Video File Grabber has the option of either monitoring Windows clipboard for video links to the above (12) sites and once a video link is detected, the video or movie will be automatically downloaded. Or you can simply copy and paste the web page URL (Or link URI) that contains the video from the (12) supported sites to the download page. Then you can start downloading the list.
Friendly interface allows performing the following operations:

1. Download using grab and keep flash movies or videos and you can there after burn them to CD and DVD for offline viewing from the following twelve (12) Sites :
"You tube, Daily Motion,,,,,, Blip. TV,, and (Other video social Sites will be added in future versions.)

2. YouTube Video File Grabber has the capability of batch downloading multiple video streams from multiple video sharing sites.

3. The YouTube Video File Grabber is an easy to use program to download video files from ,Youtube,iFilm,DailyMotion and 8 other popular video sharing sites. (Other sites will be added in the future version.) Thus, the user can obtain the downloaded RAW video file whichis located on the user's hard drive (H.D) and in his folder of choice. After the user grabs and keeps the flash movies or videos ,he can burn them to CD and DVD for offline viewing.