Pasteboard - Copying and Pasting Text

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Pasteboard is a free 10-page tabbed “scratch pad” type program that provides space to type in or paste any text that you might need, whether it’s pasting coupon codes from the internet, quickly jotting down an email address or a phone number, grabbing some code to embed on your site later, writing down a few thoughts, or holding text while you cut, copy. and paste between programs, etc.

This program is different from many notes programs in that it does not have tags or outlines; and aside from labeling the tabs it does not have any kind of scheme to store or categorize information, and is not designed to display on-screen notes or reminders. It also does not have editing or formatting options; all it offers are 10 tabs on top marked one through ten, and a white page for each to store your transient bits of text.

What Pasteboard does is replicate that “disposable” pad digitally and, strangely, it does a good job.

More notes on this:

* Portable: unzip and run. The text files are stored in the same folder Actually, not portable. See comments below.
* Stores notes in text files: titled page01.txt through page10.txt. You cannot add additional pages or tabs.
* You can label tabs: if you want to (see screenshot above). Just put your mouse on a tab and right-click settings.
* Auto save: all text is saved automatically on exit.

File size: 619 KB (freeware)
Requirement: Windows XP/Vista