NoVirusThanks Uploader - Easily Upload Files to Virus Scanner

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NoVirusThanks Uploader is an application designed to allows users to directly send suspicious files from their own computer, using a Graphical Interface, to our Multi-Engine Antivirus Scanner and analyze the file with multiple Antivirus engines. We have added also a web downloader, with advanced options, that allows users to download remote urls and upload them to our Multi-Engine Antivirus Scanner.


* Add to the Windows "Send To" Menu
* Downloader with Advanced Options
* Drag & Drop Support
* Drivers Manager
* Easy to use
* Loaded DLLs Manager
* Multilingual Support
* Open report in custom Browser
* Processes Manager
* Registry Startups Manager
* Upload files to Virus Scanner

File Size: 674774 bytes
Operating System: Windows All