Square Privacy Cleaner - Fast, Powerful, and Easy to Use Privacy Protection Tool

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Square Privacy Cleaner is a fast, powerful, and easy to use privacy protection tool, able to remove all the unwanted history data on your computer. With one simple mouse click, Square Privacy Cleaner allows you to erase Windows traces, recent opened documents, prefetch files, clipboard cache, MRU lists, temp folders, junk files, making PC operation fast and smooth.

You can clean Internet traces, like cookies, history and cache of popular web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome. Cleaning of third-parties applications is also supported, is possible to erase WinRAR history, WinZIP history, Java cache, Java logs, Borland Delphi history, Microsoft Office history, and many more.

Square Privacy Cleaner allows you to remove also locked index.DAT files and generic locked files on the next reboot of the system. During cleaning process, our program will try to terminate running processes of the files that reside in temporary folders or in other folders that have been selected to be cleaned.


* Clean Clipboard Cache
* Clean Flash Player History
* Clean Google Chrome Traces
* Clean Internet Explorer Traces
* Clean Java Cache Logs and Temp Directory
* Clean Mozilla Firefox Traces
* Clean Opera Traces
* Clean Registry MRU Lists
* Clean Windows and Internet Traces
* Clean Windows Log Files
* Clean Windows Temp Directories
* Command Line Version
* Delete index.DAT Files
* Delete Locked Files
* Delete Traces when Windows Starts
* IconTray Support

File Size: 713670 bytes
Operating System: Windows All