Web Browsers Traces Eraser

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Web Browsers Traces Eraser is a fast and very easy to use traces eraser that can help users to clean traces of Internet. It supports most popular web browsers and it can clean also basic Windows traces. The program can automatically scan for traces and it supports schedule for deletion of selected traces at Windows shutdown or when Windows starts.

You can use this product when you use Internet in an Internet point and you want to clean all traces of which sites you have visited, history of files you have downloaded, cookies sessions and Internet cache files. The program can run from portable devices, such as USBs, and it supports also commandline parameters to automatically clean detected traces or it can load selected traces from an INI file.


When you run the program, Web Browsers Traces Eraser will analyze your system for Internet traces and automatically put a check in the traces present in the left panel. Click the button “Clean” to erase selected traces. To reanalyze your system click the button “Scan” and the program will automatically put a check in the left panel on programs that are installed in your system and that may have leave traces in the system. It is recommended to close any running web browser before clean traces.


* Clean Apple Safari Traces
* Clean Avant Browser Traces
* Clean Basic Windows Traces
* Clean ChromePlus Traces
* Clean Comodo Dragon Tracess
* Clean Flash Player History
* Clean Flash Player Traces
* Clean Flock Traces
* Clean Google Chrome Traces
* Clean Internet Explorer Traces
* Clean Java Cache Logs and Temp Directory
* Clean K-Meleon Traces
* Clean Lunascape 6 Traces
* Clean Mozilla Firefox Traces
* Clean Netscape Traces
* Clean Opera Traces
* Clean Pale Moon Traces
* Clean QtWeb Traces
* Clean SeaMonkey Traces
* Clean SRWare Iron Traces
* Command Line Version
* Delete index.DAT Files
* Delete Traces when Windows Starts
* Start with Windows
* Support for Custom Locations

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Operating System: Windows All