eBooksWriter Lite

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This one application you can use in the manufacture of digital books, or better known as e-book in an easy and fast, and free.

eBooksWriter Lite software is a free lightweight and designed to empower every person in making a digital book or e-book. Although is free, does not mean not good, the features and functions that are available is to support you in creating a digital book.

Features all-in-one (edit, protect, pack / compile) owned by this application is complete enough coupled with a graphical interface and visual, thereby providing ease in creating an e-book.

By making the file / data / document you become an e-book, you can put it into mobile devices on the rise, such as smartphones, Kindle, iPad, Sony Reader, Palm, Nook, Windows Ce, and so on.

File size: 2.40 MB (freeware)
Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7