PC Image Editor

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A free solution that you can use for activities to edit various graphics file formats / images in an easy and effective.

PC Image Editor is a software free graphics editor with support for various features and functions are quite diverse professionals. In addition, this application supports a variety of popular graphics file formats.

Although is free, does not mean unprofessional. Here you can find the features and functions of the usual graphic editor contained in the application of its kind to pay, such as Copy, Move, Delete, Rename, adjust colors in photos, apply filters, such as Hue, Negative, Colorize, posterize, Mosaic, Twirl, Emboss ; rotations and transformations.

Coupled with the support, among others perspective and Skew; blur images; sharpen images; image resizing; setting an image as the desktop wallpaper, as well as brushes and painting options.

File size: 5.79 MB (freeware)
Operating system: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7