The Tajweed Quran Flash for Free

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The Tajweed Quran Flash for Free is pleased to announce the release of the Quran with English Transliteration free for download, to help in learning how to pronounce correctly. You can use this application to read and learn Quran offline without the need for an internet connection.

One more thing there is an application that allows us to study and explore the religion of Islam.

This application is used to read the Quran in front of a computer with a color different letters are easier for us in reading the Qur'an in its correct recitation. This application was made based on flash.

The advantage of this application:

1. It looks interesting because it is made based on flash.
2. High Quality resolution (capable of up to 1024 × 768 pixels)
3. No need to install because it is portable.
4. Different font colors that distinguish between legal Tajweed .

File Size: 55 MB