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For those of you that a book author or novel, the software which one offers the effectiveness and efficiency and convenience in making your project book or novel.

yWriter is a application designed to assist writers in a book or novel writing, or their project. This application has the features and functions that make effective and efficient in creating a book or novel.

Here you can write a chapter by chapter, the scenario after scenario, the scenario even in a chapter. You can reorder scenes and drag & drop between chapters. yWriter allows you to break your book or novel in accordance with the chapter, scenarios, and scenarios in a chapter.

In other words, this application will organize your book project so that more effective and efficient, and easier for you in the creation of a book or novel. In addition, there are many more other features that will help, so creating a book or novel that is neatly arranged and in accordance with your wishes.

File size: 1.9 MB (freeware)
Operating system: Windows all